Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Vector?

Vector files are scalable graphic files. These files can be resized indefinitely without loss of quality. That makes these files very handy when working with graphic design. Vector graphics are based on images made up of vectors (also called paths, or strokes) which lead through locations called control points. In this way the vector file is a mathematical description of how the image should look. We sell both EPS and SVG vector files.

What Format Are Vectors In?

Our vector files are either EPS or SVG. In addition all vector files are also available as JPEGs.

Do I Need Special Software to Open/Edit Vectors?

You may require additional software in order to use vector files. Adobe Illustrator is recommended, but also Adobe Photoshop handles EPS files to a degree. The free software Inkscape handles SVG files.

What is Royalty-Free content?

All Creative Vectors at this site have a Royalty Free license. This license grants you permission to use the vector without restriction to size, circulation, media and the like. The license covers most uses our customers have.

The same vector can be a part of an advertising or social media campaign, your web design, print-run, and your presentation. You can use the vector for as long as you want. Royalty Free vectors are an affordable solution without any extra costs added. You can read more about our Standard license here.

The Royalty Free license does not give you the right to resell the vector in any way. You cannot use a vector in a pornographic or unlawful purpose, to defame a person, to violate a person's right to privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity. The license is also non-transferable, and belongs to you as a person or company who purchased the license.

How Many Users can Access the content?

Right now, your account is restricted to just one user/seat and if you desire to add more to your account, please contact us for a custom plan.

Are Your Packages Really Unlimited Vectors?

Yes! We’re not here to trick you or make things overly complicated. As long as you have a valid membership, and are not abusing our service or violating our license terms, we invite you to download to your heart's content.

Which License Do I Need? And When Do I Need Extended License?

We’ve made things very simple on licensing. You can see our comparison between the uses of the two licenses here. Generally speaking, you’ll only need this if using the vectors for retail or merchandising

Who owns the copyright to the content on the site?

The copyright of vectors are solely owned by the artist who created the vector or graphic. When you purchase a vector, you get a license that grants you permission to use the vector.

VectorGrove has obtained the rights to market and sell licenses of the vectors / artworks for the artists. The artist gets paid a commission each time a vector is downloaded or purchased.

Am I Protected Against Copyright Claims?

You are protected up to $25,000 on all of our vectors. We stand behind our thousands of artists and their work and want you to have that extra peace of mind and confidence in us.You can read our full policy in our TOS for more info.

Can I Use the Image in a Logo?

Yes! Images with a Royalty Free license can be used or incorporated into a logo. Please note, however, that it is not possible to trademark a logo with a Royalty Free image in it. Also remember that other people and companies can purchase the same image as you have chosen, since you do not receive the exclusive rights to the image(s) you buy.

What rights do I have when my subscription ends?

You can continue to use any royalty-free content that has been downloaded and used in projects. Everything you downloaded is yours to keep and use forever. However, you must not assume or deem the ownership and rights (including the copyright) in the content.

What projects can I use the vectors for?

At VectorGrove, you can use our images for:

  • Website design where the images are integrated into designs
  • Print on demand (mugs, t-shirts, clothing, journal covers, books, ebooks etc..)
  • Social media posts & advertising
  • Powerpoint and Keynote presentations
  • Video Advertising
  • Non-trademarked company logos
  • Advertisements and commercials
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Websites and blogs
  • TV shows
  • Brochures, flyers and newsletters
  • Intranet and internal business communications
  • Business cards
  • Annual reports
  • Apps, Software and Video games and apps for smartphones/tablets
  • Book covers
  • Food packaging
  • Computer games

Please review our licenses above for specific use.

Can I use the files that I have downloaded as my company logo?

Yes! Vectors with a Royalty Free license can be used or incorporated into a logo. Please note, however, that it is not possible to trademark a logo with a Royalty Free image in it. Also remember that other people and companies can purchase the same vector as you have chosen, since you do not receive the exclusive rights to the vectors(s) you buy.

Can I use royalty-free files that I have downloaded, in editorial articles and other publications?

Yes, the usage is allowed under our license agreement. You can use our content in editorial articles and other publications with a Standard License, except for book covers, which you will need to purchase an Extended License package.

What is an Extended License and why would I need to use one?

An Extended License is just an extension of the standard license. Extended License is important if you are planning to use images for resale / merchandising purposes. We’ve created a very affordable Extended License Package for you, which can be purchased here.

Some situations where an Extended License is required:

Digital Use:

  • Website templates made available for bulk resale
  • Mobile Apps & Software

Printed Use:

  • Canvas artwork, calendars or other print where the file adds most of the value
  • Print runs of over 20,000

How do I purchase an Extended License? How much does it cost?

Extended License upgraded packages can be purchased here.

Can I use the Extended License I’ve purchased for a particular image indefinitely?

Yes! You can use it forever, as long as your not violating our use terms.

Can I sell or giveaway the content I have downloaded if I bought Extended Licenses?

No. You may not sell or giveaway the content you have downloaded, with or without an Extended License. Both our Standard and Extended License only grants you permission to use the content for yourself or for client work.

Can I use the Extended License I purchased for a content on more than one product for resale?

You can use the Extended License for a vector on multiple products, with the exception of print runs.

I am a freelancer and I help clients to build websites / create commissioned works. Can I use them with the normal license or do I need to purchase Extended Licenses?

Yes, you can use our content with just the Standard License as the usage is allowed under our license agreement. Do note that this applies only for building a one-off website or commissioned work. Non-editable templates such as Wordpress themes would require you to purchase Extended License for each individual content.

Can I make templates in editable formats for sale?

No, you are not allowed to make templates in editable formats (would be considered image distribution).

I just want to browse your site. Do I need to register?

No, you’re welcome to browse and search without registering!

Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

Your subscription will be automatically renewed if you are on our monthly or annual subscription plans. The auto renewal will occur within 24 hours of expiry. We will notify you one month prior to this renewal. With the 3 year plan, it will not be auto renewed by default, but if you wish to lock in a promotional rate please add your card and we will honor it.

How do I stop my subscription from the auto renewal?

You can do so by logging into your account, under your profile, and canceling the subscription. You can also reach out to us if you’re having trouble with this.

How does your 7 day money back guarantee work? Can I get a refund?

We offer a 100% refund if you cancel within the first 7 days of signing up (Risk-free period). You can exercise this policy by contacting us, and we will cancel and refund your order.

If you cancel your subscription after 7 days, your cancellation will take effect from the next billing period. You will have full download access to VectorGrove until the end of the current billing period.

Can I share my account with other users?

No, your account is personal to you, and usernames and passwords may not be shared. Please reach out to us if your company needs multi-user account and we will work out a custom plan for you.

The voucher code I bought does not work. Can you please assist me with this?

Please check the expiry date for your voucher code in your invoice or promotional material. This is mentioned on the page you purchased the voucher code. If it has expired, we would be unable to reactivate it for you as it is past the due date for redemption.

Why can’t I login?

Please ensure that your browser accepts cookies, and your firewall doesn't block outgoing information. Ensure your caps lock is off, as the login and password fields are case sensitive. If you continue to experience issues, please clear your cache and delete your Internet history. You should also speak to your network administrator to make sure there are no firewalls, VPN or proxy server settings blocking the website.

If still unable to login, please contact us via email.

How can I change my registered email?

You can edit this by contacting us on the Live Chat or via email at [email protected]

I am downloading the same content. Is it considered multiple downloads?

No, downloading the same content is not considered multiple downloads.

Can I redownload content which I've downloaded earlier after my subscription plan / download pack expires?

Yes, you may re-download already licensed vectors free of charge, even after your subscription plan expired - so long as the content has not been removed by the content provider.