Standard License

What can you do with our Standard License Content? Content can be used for personal as well as business & commercial purposes.

  • Advertising, Marketing, Promotions
  • Social Media Websites, Applications
  • Decorative Purposes
  • Print / Publications, Digital Media, Education (Unlimited Print Run)
  • Presentations
  • Design Elements, Art

Extended License

When Do You Need an Extended License? An Extended License download plan is required if you’d like to use VectorGrove Content for any of the following resale purposes:

  • Prints for Sale - Print on demand, products with print Using printed materials on mugs, greeting cards, calendars, stationeries, stickers, product packaging, business cards, clothing etc.
  • Design Elements in Electronic / Digital Platforms Using design elements in templates, websites, computer programs, mobile application, software production and in video, film or television broadcast.
  • Design Elements on Book Covers, Other Covers Using design elements in book covers, ebook covers, DVD, CDs, and other covers with unlimited print run.

Extended License

You may not use our content in the following manner:

  • Sublicense or sell the license. Your license covers your use of the content only, unless you purchase an Extended license download plan.
  • Sell or license the content on its own. The content has to form part of a work that you create and own.
  • Infringe the intellectual property rights of us or others.
  • Use our content to create obscene, illegal, or defamatory works.
  • Use our content as an official logo. It could however be used as an unofficial logo, the content could be licensed by others so you could not protect it.